The Naked Truth About Making Money On Pinterest

You can’t swing a dead Nyan Cat without hitting an article promising to tell you how you can make a million dollars overnight through marketing your products or services on Pinterest.

The truth is, Pinterest can drive A LOT of traffic to your website, but it isn’t for everyone. Just like every other social network out there, Pinterest won’t make you a single dime if:

  1. You don’t contribute anything of value to your network
  2. The product/service you offer isn’t in line with the average Pinterest user’s interests

Your optimization of social media should focus on quality instead of quantity, and just because something is there, doesn’t mean that you should use it.

Pinterest’s user base is currently heavily skewed toward a specific niche of the female demographic, which is definitely something worth noting if you’re looking to use it to build your brand.

Obviously, the more popular Pinterest gets, the more this will change and expand. But for now, it is what it is (as much as I  hate that saying).

To give you a little perspective, the types of pins that are currently seeing the most action as far as “likes” and repins go include the following:


What’s popular: Health & comfort food, colorful drinks, any dessert that looks sickeningly-sweet.
Perfect for:  Food bloggers, bakery owners, restaurateurs.


What’s popular: Hairdos, dresses, honeymoon locales, artsy ceremony pics
Perfect for: Wedding planners, clothing boutiques, photographers.

Inspirational Quotes

What’s popular: Motivating quotes from the moldy-cheesy to the profound.
Perfect for: Lifestyle bloggers, tshirt designers, visual artists, life coaches.


What’s popular:  Candle holders made out of fruit, custom headboards fashioned from shipping pallets…anything quirky, practical, and handmade.
Perfect for: Craft and homemaking bloggers, anyone with an Etsy store.

Interior Design

What’s popular: Dream kitchens,  majestic fireplaces,  winding staircases… anything that would fit in the category of “fantasy home”.
Perfect for: Interior designers (obviously), furniture retailers and designers, fine artists.

Cutesy Animals

What’s popular: Kittens, puppies and just about every other kind of fluffy baby animal you can imagine. If it’s the squeal-inducing kind of adorable, Pinners will love it.
Perfect for: Humans. All of them.  I mean seriously – if you don’t like fluffy animals, there’s something wrong with you.

If you have no idea who your target buyer is and whether or not they spend a lot of time on Pinterest, you definitely won’t make money or gain beneficial exposure from using it.

If you choose to use Pinterest, your engagement should be a two way street. Make an effort to also pin things that aren’t specifically related to what you’re selling: people, places and things that you find genuinely amusing, inspiring, or stimulating.

Don’t spend all your time hurling junk at your pinboards in the hopes that some of it will stick in the way of repins and clickthroughs to random affiliate links. It’s spammy, scammy, and any success found in the way using of these tactics will be short-lived, to say the least.

In the end you should use Pinterest the same way you would any other social network: to make valuable connections with people who are actively showing an interest in the types of products and services you provide.

If you do that right, it’s inevitable that those connections will turn into sales down the road.

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