How To Write What People Want To Read

It’s every blogger’s biggest fear:

Investing a ton of time and energy into a blog that no one besides your mom and cat ever end up reading or sharing.

Here are a few quick and easy ways to be sure your blog is something people actually want to read about (even if you haven’t written a single post yet):

Visit a top forum (or two) in your niche

See which topics are the most talked-about and which unanswered questions pop up on a regular basis (and then use your blog to answer those questions).

Give the Google Adwords Keyword Tool a spin

Check the boxes marked “exact match” and “phrase match” to see how many people (on an estimated monthly average) are searching for different variations of keywords related to your topic. Once you have a ballpark idea of what’s hot, it’s a good idea to spend 15 minutes doing some keyword research to really narrow down your topic.

Scope out a few competing blogs

Do a Google search and poke around on the top 10 blogs in your niche.

Skim the comments section of the most-read posts and see which issues people are seeking answers for the most often.

If you find that there are no competing blogs for what you’ve decided to write about, it means one of two things:

A) You’re a genius who’s discovered something that no one in the history of blogging has thought of yet, and people are waiting with fists full of cash and bated breath (highly unlikely).

B) There aren’t enough people who have an interest in said topic for it to be worth blogging about (very likely).

Remember that competition is a good thing

Competition is just proof that enough people are interested in your niche for it to be profitable.

Studying successful blogs in your niche keeps you from having to reinvent the wheel, since you can see which methods have already been effective and modify them to suit your needs.

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