Blogging 101 – Six Simple Steps To Starting A Blog Without Wasting Time Or Money

Starting a blog can be a time consuming, expensive and confusing process.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Here are 6 simple steps to get a professional blog up and running in minimal time without having to spend a lot of money:

1. Pick your topic

Writing about something that’s interesting TO YOU isn’t enough. If you want more than a just a couple of readers, your topic also has to have a proven track record as something people actually want to read about.

2. Decide on your domain name

As a rule make sure you’re not using any of the 9 Worst Ways To Choose A Domain Name.

3. Sign up for web hosting

Now that you know which domain you want to use, you’re going to need a good host.  A “host” is where all the files for your blog will “live” on the internet.

BlueHost has really affordable hosting plans and excellent customer support, plus they give you a free domain name.  Click here to sign up.

4. Install WordPress

You might be asking, “Why WordPress?”

WordPress is not only the most powerful blogging platform around, it also makes it a breeze to update your own content without having to know anything about the  “behind-the-scenes” of web design.

Here’s a great video that shows you how to install WordPress on your new domain:

5. Install A Theme

Now that you have WordPress installed on your domain, you’re ready to take off the bubblewrap and give your site some personality.

There are two options when it comes to a theme or skin for your blog. You can go with one of the many free themes that are available (just Google “free wordpress themes” for an idea of what’s out there).

Or, you can go with a Premium Theme, which I highly recommend.

The main advantage to using a Premium Theme is they’re more professional looking and much easier to customize without having to know anything about coding or web design.

So, you can tweak it to make it look exactly the way you want it to instead of being stuck with a “generic” looking blog template.

Some really great premium themes you should check out are:

6. Install Plugins

If you’re serious about building a long-lasting blog with a loyal readership, your final step should be to install these Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Serious Bloggers.

The plugins on the list are all free and really are the only ones you’ll ever need on your blog. They’ll help it get indexed by search engines faster, completely eliminate spam, and make it easier for new readers to find and comment on your posts.